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8373: DFID International Multi-Disciplinary Programme Framework Agreement (IMDP)  


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DFID International Multi-Disciplinary Programme Framework Agreement (IMDP)
DFID is seeking to appoint suppliers to an International Multi-Disciplinary Programme Framework Agreement (IMDP), which will enable DFID to access advice and expertise in a cost efficient and effective manner across eleven thematic areas -provided by multi-disciplinary teams of quality professionals to design, manage and deliver international development programme services with agility and innovation whilst maintaining fair competition, in response to the dynamic and challenging needs of working in complex and fragile contexts. The thematic areas covered are detailed below: • Climate Change and Environment; • Conflict and Governance; • Education; • Human Development and Health; • Humanitarian; • Infrastructure; • Livelihoods; • Social Development; • Procurement & Logistics; • Research; • Statistics and Data. Each thematic area will have two lots: • A Low-value Lot up to £3m to encourage new supplier base and capacity building in priority DFID/HMG countries (Lots 1-10 and 21). • A High-value Lot of £3m-£12m (Lots 11-20 and 22). Note: In order to be included in the Framework Agreement, successful organisations will need to qualify in at least one Thematic Lot. Organisations should note that they are not required to be able to deliver every aspect of the Thematic Lot (as detailed in the Terms of Reference). In order to qualify, organisations must be able to deliver at least one aspect of the Thematic Lot (as detailed in the Terms of Reference). Organisations should ensure that they review the 'Framework Rules regarding eligibility to tender for lots' - included within the Terms of Reference. Term: The Framework Agreement will be for a 24-month term - with the option to extend for a further two periods of up to 12-months each (subject to ongoing need). Call-down Method: Individual requirements will be called-off via the methods of direct award or further mini-competition. Range: The countries served by this Framework Agreement will be subject to change within the lifetime of the Agreement. Communication: All communications relating to this opportunity shall be via the DFID Supplier Portal. Interested suppliers must register against this opportunity and check the Portal for any updates on this programme. Any questions relating to this tender must be submitted using the Dialogue function (in the DFID Supplier Portal). Where suppliers have multiple questions, these should be submitted as a single Dialogue (we request that you do not submit each question as a separate Dialogue).
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Thu 22 November 2018 at 12:00
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Mon 01 April 2019
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Emma Gannon (Procurement )
843 3701
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